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Palju õnne Eesti!

Palju õnne Eesti!

The Republic of Estonia will celebrate its 100th anniversary on February 24, 2018.

In addition to a wide variety of very different events all over the world The Estonia 100 (EV100) festivities will for the most part be shaped by the people of Estonia themselves - like Sven and me - the Estonian Haaga-Helians, as this is everyone’s celebration. We can all receive and make gifts for Estonia’s centenary and so does Haaga-Helia being cooperating with its Estonian partners for 2 decades and having entered the Estonian market under its own name and brand 3 years ago.

While the idea of the Estonia 100 jubilee is based on the milestones of the emergence of Estonia’s statehood, the centenary program (2017-2020) itself is focused primarily on the future.

And by 2020 Haaga-Helia plans indeed to deliver its centenary gift to Estonia and the people of Estonia - a new international school bringing the hospitality level to a new level!

Happy centenary, The Republic of Estonia ! 

The team of Haaga-Helia in Estonia:
Sven Lööndre
Ain Hinsberg