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Understanding Chinese Culture and Language

Understanding Chinese Culture and Language


“Draw the Eyes to the Dragon”

A Package for Understanding Chinese Culture and Language

  • 10 credits
  • Available as distant learning via the Internet

Less than two centuries ago, China was far and away the world’s biggest economy. It accounted for more than 30% of global GDP in 1820. The IMF predicts that in two years´ time, by 2016, China will again be the number one global economic power.

Would you like to update your knowledge regarding this new and ancient East-Asian economic giant?

Haaga-Helia now provides a distant-learning package, covering the essence of Chinese culture. Through it, you will achieve the following:

  • understand Chinese behavior through an understanding of the unique East-Asian way of thinking
  • get familiar with Chinese business etiquette and taboos
  • learn the mysterious logic of Chinese language and Chinese writing

This internet distant-learning package includes the following components:

1) Chinese for Beginners (CHI8LE004) (3 out of 6 credits)

This runs from August 24th to December 18th 2015.

2) Understanding Chinese Culture (CHI8LE007-3) (3 credits)

This is a summer internet course, running from May 15th to August 21st 2015. (The 2016 summer implementation CHI8LE007-4 runs from May 23rd to June 24th 2016.)

3) Chinese Business Culture (CHI4LE004-12) (2 credits)

This runs from October 28th to December 18th 2015.

(This course will be 3 credits for the Haaga-Helia language students who'll take additional language lessons.)

4) Introduction to Chinese-Speaking Areas (CHI4LE015-6) (2 credits) 

This runs from August 24th to December 18th 2015.  

Check the detailed course schedules and the enrollment situation here!

For more information:
Varpu Jaskara, varpu.jaskara(at)haaga-helia.fi, tel. 040 488 7233