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StartUp School Case Owner

StartUp School Case Owner

Code: WOR8HH030
Scope: 2 ECTS (54 h)
Timing: 1.-7. semester
Language: English or Finnish
Course level: Professional Studies (or Free-choice)
Course type: Elective (or Free-choice)

Starting level and linkage with other courses
Student is attending a coaching course. Students for the Case Owner course are selected by the coaches and StartUp School course co-operation coordinator.

Learning objectives and assessment
Student can outsource a small project. Student can present his/her business case clearly and define an assignment. Student can create and implement a process to support the student team to accomplish the assignment. Student can evaluate the project outcome and give feedback to the team.

Recognizing and validating prior learning (RPL)
Accreditation of prior learning is applied on the course according to separate instructions. Please contact startupschool@haaga-helia.fi.

Working life connections
The key driver of the course is the student’s business idea that will be supported by an experienced staff member and a student group.

Internationality is visible through the assignments and the teams depending on the course.


  1. Student (case owner) prepares a one slide presentation of business case and assignment objectives as a pre-material for the case approval.
  2. Student (case owner) prepares and presents introduction to business case and objectives and presents it in the class to the student group.
  3. Student (case owner) follows up and supports the assignment implementation.
  4. Student (case owner) participates in the presentation of the results and gives feedback to the student team.

Learning methods
Pre-assignment, Project work and Post-assignment

Assessment criteria
The course is graded on the scale 1-5. The assessment criterion is presented on scale 1-3-5.




Student masters presenting the case at applicable level (material, content, presentation)

Student promptly answers the additional questions during the assignment execution.

Student participates in the presentation of assignment results and gives feedback.


In addition to 1, the student follows up the assignment implementation process and gives feedback in structural manner. The student masters analyzing the case assignment results and applicability to development of own business case.


In addition to 3, the student proactively arranges review points along the assignment implementation and ensures the implementation progress as applicable. The student gives feedback both on results and the process, analyzing own performance as well.


Teachers responsible
Please see StartUp School website http://startupschool.fi/who-we-are/coaches/.

Course materials
Tailored according to the case.