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StartUp School - Social Media for Startups

StartUp School - Social Media for Startups

Code: WOR8HH017
Scope: 3 ECTS (81 h)
Timing: 1.-7. semester
Language: English
Course level: Professional Studies (or Free-choice)
Course type: Elective (or Free-choice)

Starting level and linkage with other courses
StartUp School Social Media for Startups is meant for students that already run a business or actively work on their business idea. Haaga-Helia students must be attending the Coaching 1-4 courses. (https://www.haaga-helia.fi/fi/opinto-opas/opintojaksokuvaukset/WOR8HH024)

Learning objectives and assessment

  • Learns the latest digital and social media trends for startups
  • Gets acquainted with the tools and methods of the trade
  • Creates content marketing for different digital channels
  • Shares ideas and best practices with other entrepreneurs

Recognizing and validating prior learning (RPL)
Accreditation of prior learning is applied on the course according to separate instructions. Please contact startupschool@haaga-helia.fi.

Working life connections
The key driver of the course is the student’s business idea that will be coached by an experienced staff member and supported by other entrepreneurs. The course is run in cooperation with NewCo Helsinki and their entrepreneurs working together with the students.

Internationality is visible through the assignments and the teams present.

The internet is now 20 years old and social media has been around for a full decade. So there really isn't anything new under the sun. Yet digital media evolves faster than any other media so far making it a tricky one to grasp. Especially when you're a startup without a dedicated army of community managers for your content marketing. So let's figure out together how we can get the best of Web 2.0 without breaking our backs (or the bank).

This is cooperation project with Haaga-Helia StartUp School and NewCo Helsinki.  We aim to combine a practical higher education course with local businesses in a new and mutually beneficial way. Entrepreneurial minds come together to collectively gather information and exchange knowledge, best practices and lessons learned. The course includes four sessions at NewCo Helsinki, as well as a set of written exercises for credits. Teaching is in English.

“I took the Social Media for StartUps workshop last autumn. We learned about the most popular social media channels and how to strategically use them together to maximize effect. I am already profiting from all the tools and knowledge by using them in my business. The teacher is very knowledgeable and the participants shared valuable information. I definitely recommend it!”

Marisol Pulido, Haaga-Helia student and coffee startup manager

Learning methods
4 x 3 h Workshops and individual work. Please note that presence at all workshops is compulsory.

Assessment criteria
The course is graded on the scale 1-5.  Assessment criteria from GLOBBA Competence Grid.






You know the key concepts within the course’s scope, but are yet to develop the general view and the big picture of the subject matter.

You know the key concepts well and can explain how the theories and models function and the tools are used. You have a general view of the subject matter.

You have a strong command of the key and related concepts. You can critically evaluate theories, models and tools. You can demonstrate explicit knowledge of the subject matter, and how it relates to other disciplines.



You can complete given tasks and assignments with assistance. You need to develop how to apply knowledge. 


You complete given tasks and assignments independently. You apply knowledge in hands-on business related situations. You can critique your own practice and identify ways to improve.


You apply knowledge in demanding business related situations. You can prioritize and critically select tools and methods for solving complex problems in the subject matter.




You demonstrate some ability to perform skills and have basic knowledge, but you have difficulty to manage without assistance.

You demonstrate sufficient ability to perform skills and have basic to good knowledge. You can perform independently, but you have some challenges in passing on your skills and knowledge to others. You have an interest in professional development.


You execute skills with natural proficiency and you have detailed and explicit knowledge. You can perform independently and you are also able and actively willing to help others develop and pass on your skills. You have an attitude of continuous professional development.

Course teacher(s)
Johanna Mäkeläinen, Copywriter & Lecturer in Adverting and Corporate Communication at Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences

Learning materials
Provided by the lecturer in the workshops.