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Marketing Competency Management

Marketing Competency Management


6 credits


This course will be planned and taught at Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences and FINEC, St.Petersburg, Russia. The general aim of the course is to build new kind of co-operation between the two Universities, connect Finnish and Russian companies to international project and coach students to work in multinational teams.


  • To develop marketing competency of both students and participating companies
  • To create knowledge of marketing information sources in international context
  • To build competencies to work in international groups


  • Analyzing and building marketing competency
  • Global marketing strategy formation
  • Marketing management and planning in international context

Teaching and learning methods

Lectures            32 h
Croup consulting  10 h
The own learning assessment 1 h
Independent study, individual work, company visits 120 h

Project description

Small project teams will be formed including both Russian and Finnish students. A Case company will be organized for the teams to work with. The case company will be selected according to their interest in Finnish/Russian markets. The project groups will analyze, plan and solve a business case in Russian markets. In short, the project consists of market / competitive situation analysis and marketing planning for Russian markets.

Learning material

Will be informed later

Assessment criteria

Active participation and project work
The assessment of one’s own learning does not influence the grade. The assignment is the same for all courses/modules and the answers will also be used for course/module development. The assignment is completed on an electronic form.