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Module day teams

Module day teams

During the module day the participants are hosted by different teams of Haaga-Helia Education Support Services. During the module day the participants share best practices with the colleagues from their own field of expertise / field of interest. Upon registration, participants choose which team they wish to visit during the module day. To support your selection, please find a short description of each team below.

Human Resources

We are experts in human resource management, development and administration. We, which means eight specialists in total, take care of HR processes such as recruitment and orientation. We also participate in competence development both in practice and through the performance appraisal process. We plan and participate in the implementation of measures to support work-related well-being, such as recreational activities. We also organise the occupational health services. Furthermore, we are the administrative experts in HR issues including e.g. payroll, employment contracts and annual holiday follow-up

International Services

Haaga-Helia International Services delivers the objectives of Haaga-Helia ´s International Strategy by offering mobility programmes for students and staff, developing and maintaining Haaga-Helia ´s international partnership network, and supporting education units in developing international activities. International Services is responsible for

  • offering guidance and info concerning international opportunities and activities for students and staff 
  • development and administration of student, teacher and staff mobility programmes
  • services for incoming and outgoing students (incl. study advising services)
  • services for incoming and outgoing staff
  • international partnerships and partnership agreements
  • Erasmus, Nordplus, FIRST and other mobility funding

Haaga-Helia uses MoveOn software for international mobility.

IT Services

The unit is responsible for Haaga-Helia’s IT resources, including maintaining and development, as well as for IT support. The unit’s activities support quality, results and secure operations at Haaga-Helia.


Library and information services are offered at five campus libraries. Each campus library serves all Haaga-Helia students and staff members. Additionally, the library services and collections are available for everyone. We have seven joint teams on the following areas: customer services, metadata, information literacy teaching, systems development, communication, and well-being at work. Our library emphasizes the development of services using user-oriented methods, as well as co-operation with other units in Haaga-Helia. For instance, an electronic exams facility Exam operates in conjunction with four of our libraries.
We take part in national library co-operation, including acquisition of electronic resources through the Finnish National Electronic Library (FinELib) Consortium and participation in the nationwide customer satisfaction survey. 

Marketing & Communications & Alumni Services

Haaga-Helia marketing and communications are responsible of all Haaga-Helia marketing and communication services. You can follow us:
Alumni services is the network of graduates from Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences. Alumni relation services aims to contribute to our school’s success, keep up the respect the Haaga-Helia degrees hold and help in still developing the degree’s quality further.

Porter services

In Haaga-Helia we have porters on two different campuses, Haaga and Pasila. On Haaga campus everyone who comes in the building, are our customers.
There may be some differences on the porter duties depending on the campus. On Haaga campus we take care of guiding and informing students, guests and staff members. We also take care of the incoming and outgoing post and other deliveries. The access control including key programming (Flexim) and handing over the keys for staff members and students are part of our tasks.
During university holidays or special opening times we programme doors, keep classrooms in order and we also order office materials for staff members.
We also take care of copy machines and other audiovisual equipment maintenance, and if necessary we call the service. In addition, we run a little shop for students and staff members and take care of all sorts of running errands.

Research, development and innovation

Haaga-Helia is a valued partner in RDI-activities among domestic and international collaborators. Our activities focus on developing solutions for digital business, services and sales as well as for entrepreneurship and learning. We implement projects mainly in co-operation with companies, municipalities and other universities. We connect projects to teaching and the learning process of our students. As an example, we have our unique StartUp School that supports students heading for entrepreneurship. Our aim is to create novel solutions for new and existing businesses and thus contribute to the economic growth and renewal of industries and society. Our RDI-specialists are always looking for new connections and project ideas.

Student and Admission Services


Admission Services
The Admission Services takes care of the entire admission process, from the applications to the results. The Admission Services gives applicants advice, e.g. on application periods and informs them about admission criteria. The office also arranges the entrance examinations and checks that applicants are eligible for admission.

Student Services
Student services have offices located on different campuses. Student services are designed to help students with everyday study-related matters such as study right, official transcripts of studies and enrolment. Student Affairs Secretaries provide guidance and information on any issues related to study register and study right. They also prepare the degree certificates for graduating students.

Student Financial Aid Services
Student Financial Aid Services informs students about financial aid, helps students with the application process and follows students’ annual study progress. The Haaga-Helia Student Financial aid Committee meets once a month. The Committee meeting decisions are then sent to Kela, The Social Security Institution of Finland, that makes the final decision about granting student financial aid.

Student’s physical and psychological wellbeing
Each Haaga-Helia campus has a nurse whom students can contact. Other health care services at Haaga-Helia are doctor and psychiatric nurse. Haaga-Helia’s health services are fairly limited.